Monday, December 6, 2010

Vibing on Nina Simone's "Aunt Sarah" in Trinidad

The dance comes in many forms, at unsuspecting times. Throughout my movement study in Trinidad for The Mother Project, I am also allowing the creative surges to develop other pieces I am working on. As a member of The Saartjie Project who cannot physically be with my sistren while in Trinidad, it is important that I share my dance and ideas with them however I can. I have been collecting film of me dancing in a variety of spaces in and around Port of Spain, Trinidad. I put together a short piece with movements I felt resonated with Aunt Sarah's character in Nina Simone's classic song, "Four Women". The Saartjie Project's upcoming 2011 season is inspired by this masterpiece and the issues it paints about our lives as black women. Enjoy, share, dance!

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Nina Simone singing "Four Women"

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