Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dance Anyway!

even when you don't feel like it
move your body
dance out the tears
dance out the frustration
dance out the heartbreak
dance dance dance anyway!

even when part of your body hurts
dance with the other part
even when you think you'll sweat
dance the toxins out
even when you want to throw something
dance and fling your arms, imagining you are releasing whatever
dance even when you feel the emotions will never change
dance and pretend you're in control of the moment
dance anyway, it's healing

even when it seems you're falling
and you can't get back up this time
dance on the floor
explore new movements within limitations
find your freedom in creative solutions of moving around
and through the impossible
laugh, make sounds, jerk the body into a different temperment
if you want to cry, then cry
but keep dancing
dance dance dance anyway!