Monday, September 19, 2011

The Fall BootyNox

When the seasons change, our bodies respond to the shifting environment. The way we walk and navigate space is strongly shaped by how the air feels on our skin. As your faithful Liberated Booty Coach, I am happy to advocate for your booties as the fall equinox dawns and sets many of us on the path to a crisp and cold winter. Oftentimes the Booty is the last thing on our minds as we focus on acquiring coats, hats, and shoes that can bear the frigid conditions. The Booty grows stiffer each day, not so much from the temperature dropping, but rather from the lack of attention we give the Booty after we lock it down under layers of warmth. So being proactive and sincerely booty conscious, I’ve created a special recipe of seasonally-sensitive liberated booty movements that will keep your booty activated and help you sustain your internal oven no matter what’s happening outside. Here's a brand new recipe for you to taste with your own booty...enjoy!

Recipe #56:
The Fall BootyNox

1. In a space that feels good to you, stand with your feet a little wider apart than usual. Bend the knees softly so that you can bounce gently and comfortably through your dance. Breathe in and out, allowing your body to find a home in a position that feels peaceful for you.

2. Imagine your booty is morphing from the vibrant heat of summer into the mellow coolness of autumn. What variety of shapes can you make to express this shift? What speeds, rhythms, or movement textures (choppy, smooth, tense, loose, etc.) does your booty choose to illustrate the shedding of summer into fall?

3. Try the morphing process over and over until you find your BootyNox. When you feel you’ve found the movements you love, experiment with traveling and changing levels. If you’re in another part of the world experiencing a different season, be aware of how the climate is initiating movement within you.

4. Wherever you are practice your BootyNox or create a new one. Share yours with a partner and try on someone else’s BootyNox. Record yourself dancing your BootyNox on different days and see how your booty continues to activate throughout the autumn season.

5. This is fun to do outside in your backyard or at your favorite park. Dance with the breeze, the crunch of leaves under your feet, or any other things that excite you about your surroundings. If you want to be inside, play your favorite music or just enjoy the song of your breath. As always, there are infinite ways to make this BootyNox your own!

booty portrait by colin danville


  1. Girtl you aint right. But I am all about moving my... all year long as long as I can

  2. ooh i'm going to start the Bootynox chain! Thanks for the prescription luv!