Tuesday, November 23, 2010

#5 A Proper Whine {10 things I want from Trinidad}

“a liberated booty is a liberated being!”—moi

As a Bootyist, I celebrate booty dances from around the world. With my constantly spinning, gyrating, swaying booty, I invite humanity to intentionally activate its booty. I believe that total booty liberation enables us to heal ourselves, honor the sacred origins of all life, and elevate one of our most powerful assets…pun intended! It is no coincidence that I am gravitating to a country where booty liberation is already a part of the communal kinetic consciousness. The “whine” is Trinidad’s contribution to planetary booty activation. Ever since setting this Trinidad program in motion, my booty has been bursting with spontaneous, ecstatic praise in anticipation of the awesome whine, whine, whine…

If you’ve been around me just once, you know that my rotating booty is a vibrant space, a force field of ancient proportions, a mega-rotation of intergalactic transmissions. My booty spins and I can feel the happenings of a thousand other places across the globe. My booty dips and I can feel the Earth tilting on its axis. My booty rocks and I am inside the high and low tide of every ocean. My shaking booty downloads the subtlest of vibrations from near and far, and activates my strong intuitive powers.

My activated booty is the indigenous intel processor. When I need to digest or communicate important ideas, information, and emotions, the booty aids me in expressing my truth, allowing me to speak in my authentic voice. In my ongoing study of all things booty, I have come to understand that the booty has an infinite range of motion. The booty can journey through every mood, enabling us to release what we don’t need and receive what we want. The more we exercise our booty’s innate powers, the more we experience the benefits of booty liberation.

A liberated booty is as much a physical phenomenon as it is a psychic, mental, and emotional phenomenon. When our conscious booty is expanding, our physical booty reiterates the expansion. The evidence of a thoroughly liberated booty is seen in all aspects of one’s life: the ultimate fluidity of one’s dance, an appreciation for one’s beautiful, bountiful booty, a zest for life and the gratitude that our dancing body activates that life…to name a few!

As much as I shake my booty, I too have more booty frequencies to activate, more dimensions of my booty to liberate. When I roll to the right, everything is open and flowing easily. But on the left, it’s like the rhythm hits potholes and my rotation hiccups over muscles that need to stretch anew. Saturating my booty with the Trini whine will inevitably increase my booty’s capacity to thrive in more abundant ways. My new booty powers are going to transform my whole life; this i do know.

No matter where you are physically, you can also always tap into my dance journey by shaking your own booty. I can feel the booty activation love at all times, so don’t hesitate to send some booty-joy-beams my way. Just dip into the cosmic booty spin, and ride the frequency of liberated booty consciousness…all booties welcome!

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Photos by Caroline Angelo

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